Eliza Fyfe

Elize Fyfe is a professional singing teacher in Bristol, England.

Eliza Fyfe

Singing Teacher in Bristol

Email:  [email protected]

Teacher Info

Eliza teaches singing lessons for all ages and abilities. She believes that everyone has a voice and all we need to do is find that voice and let it flourish. We’ll pick songs ideal for you, in the right key for your range.

Eliza also encourages you to work on songs out of your comfort zone in order to challenge you. She does lots of recordings within her lessons to enable you to learn through hearing yourself back, as well as perfecting a complete recording to mark your progress.

Eliza also puts on quarterly private showcases at a cosy cocktail club in the heart of Bristol, providing you with a fantastic opportunity to perform to family, friends and fellow students. Not only are these events superb for your confidence, but they are also full of fun and warmth and are truly uplifting for all involved!

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

  • BA Hons in Commercial Music
  • Grade 8 Distinction in Rock School Vocals
  • I run a successful community choir, Bristol Choir Brigade

I have:

  • Hosted several music events and judged at competitions such as Open Mic UK and Teenstar
  • Performed professionally at several private events over the years
  • Been a session singer for various projects over the years

Eliza also came up with the idea to produce a remake of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”, the BBC’s 1997 Various Artists version. She wanted to portray her students’ progress: all ages and skill levels, highlighting the fact that you can take up singing whatever stage you’re at. Most of the students featured in this video have never sung to anyone before or even knew they had a voice. Eliza wanted her students to pick a Bristol location of their choice: somewhere important to them or their favourite landmark. She then brought her students together to form a choir for the gospel section at the end of the song.


3/4 hour£35.00


I teach my lessons from a teaching space located at 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.


To book your first lesson with me, or to find out more about my music lessons, don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing me on [email protected].

Rated 5 out of 5
March 7, 2021

Eliza makes you feel at ease instantly, she’s warm and welcoming and is great at calming first lesson nerves. I was more confident in my singing than I ever thought I would be after just one lesson. Eliza is very flexible and able to give great advice based on theory in a way that makes sense to those of us who are complete novices and have no clue about the more technical side of singing!

James Cullen
Rated 5 out of 5
March 7, 2021

As a total and utter beginner, I have to say Eliza is just a most lovely person who will get every last bit out of you – way-way more than you ever dared hope you might have. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be able to sing then give her call and you will not be disappointed. Wonderful.

Ollie Campbell
Rated 5 out of 5
March 7, 2021

If you’ve always wanted to give singing a go but haven’t had the confidence, Eliza is there for you! Whatever your motivation for starting (or even picking it up again after a break) Eliza will get the most out of you; easing you in and supporting you and pushing you when you need it. Regular emails with singing exercise MP3s attached, connection to a private student-only Facebook page and fun open mic & choir nights mean you feel part of a little community where everyone’s in the same boat. I feel like I’m not alone and that I can really do it, plus having a relatively young teacher with their finger on the musical pulse really helps. If anyone told me 6 months ago that I would sing with a live band in front of a pub full of people I would never have believed them…

Hannah Jones
Rated 5 out of 5
March 3, 2021

“I have been having lessons with Eliza for a month or so and I’m loving every minute. Only my 4th lesson in and my confidence has grown so much already. I feel like the singer I should have been in my uni days. It’s nice to have someone of a similar age to teach you and have fun with at the same time!”

Dani Tino