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Christopher Davies is a piano teacher and professional performer of some 40 years’ experience. He thoroughly enjoys teaching all levels and abilities and across the age range from young beginners to adults wanting to develop a new skill. Many of his former pupils are now professional musicians although most have simply enjoyed developing their piano playing and taking pleasure in a wonderful life skill.

Christopher taught for 30 years at the United World College of the Atlantic, a specialist international 6th form school near Llantwit Major, where he was appointed firstly as “Pianist in Residence” before eventually becoming Head of Faculty for the Arts and Electives. He has also taught at the Junior Department of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. In 2016 Christopher was awarded the prestigious “Outstanding Educator” award from the University of Chicago. He has taught all levels from talented juniors at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, diploma students at the United World College of the Atlantic as well as child and adult beginners in private practise.

He teaches using the well regarded and internationally famous “Russian” method, made popular in the USSR in the 1930s and 1940s and which has given the world some of its greatest performers. This method places emphasis from lesson one on freedom and relaxation. Far too many approaches to learning the piano force students to endlessly repeat and drill patterns and exercises. This is, in his view, counter-productive as it destroys fun and introduces boredom and stiffness. Using this method, a child beginner can expect to arrive home at the end of their first lesson with a simple piece ready for performance and of course morale-boosting parental applause! Lessons in the early months focus on simple pieces, often of folk origin, that really develop piano skills, both technical and musical. These are often accompanied by me with a second, more complex piano part, giving the student the impression they are already performing music of some complexity. These accompaniments can be recorded on a parent’s phone for home performance as well. More advanced students can expect the same approach with a focus on the two essentials: musicality and freedom.

He has taught over 50 students aged 16-18 to achieve their post grade 8 diploma with one of the Royal Schools, though a particular passion is working with young beginners. All lessons are given on a first-class Steinway B grand piano.

Christopher’s attitude to teaching is first and foremost that it should be fun and engaging.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

  • Studied at the Royal College of Music 1979-1984
  • Freelance pianist 1982-1988
  • Pianist in Residence UWC Atlantic College 1988-1994
  • Head of Faculty (Arts & Electives) UWC Atlantic College 1994-2018

Qualifications gained:

  • Dip. RCM (Performance Diploma)
  • ARCM (Piano Teaching)
  • Advanced Certificate of Performance (Postgraduate Diploma)

Prizes and Awards:

  • RCM Concerto Prize (1st)
  • John Ireland Prize (1st)
  • Twentieth Century Ensemble Prize (1st)
  • Marie Curtis Mozart-Haydn Prize (2nd)
  • Outstanding Educator Award from the University of Chicago

I have a fledgling YouTube channel (Chris Davies Piano) on which I am downloading historical performances. Currently, there are concerto recordings of Shostakovitch Piano Concertos Numbers 1 and 2. The B. Britten Piano Concerto and the Bartok Sonata for two pianos and percussion.



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May 30, 2021

Chris is passionate, knowledgeable, and has an unique ability to see the individual student and what they need. Chris is without doubt the best teacher I have ever had, and he has made me see music in a way I did not think was possible.

Julia S Norway
May 30, 2021

In all my years as a student, Chris stands out as one of the most dedicated and talented teachers I’ve ever had. He infuses all of his lessons with a degree of enthusiasm that inspires excitement in his students. He has a gift for nurturing musical potential in students of all levels and it was a joy to be one of his students.

Rowan Canada
May 30, 2021

Chris Davies is a first-class teacher and musician; I cannot recommend him more highly. I am now a professional musician and I often credit Chris’s teaching and knowledge as the catalyst to my career. Chris opened my eyes to the world of music in an enjoyable, and approachable way

Nick O Cardiff
May 30, 2021

I feel incredibly privileged to have been taught by Chris. His contagious passion for music, his eagerness to share and his genuine empathy made my time learning from him an invaluable experience.

Rayan J Morocco
May 30, 2021

Playing and working with Chris has been great. He’s a good listener and he understood my personality, my strengths and my limits. Thanks to that and to his learning music with him felt like playing as a team for the same goal. He is truly honest and that’s also why he’s such a good teacher, an actual Maestro.

Nicole C Italy

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