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Two of my passions in life are the guitar and teaching and I feel so blessed to be able to combine them into a profession.

If you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry because that was me once too so I know what it’s like! For your first few guitar lessons, I’ll provide a guitar if you need one so you don’t have to burden yourself with that expense until you’re confident you want to carry on. We’ll work at a pace that suits you and I’ll have you up and running in no time with a few simple chords and songs.

Learning something new can be daunting so please invite a friend along if that would make you more comfortable. If they want to participate by learning themselves as well, we can work out a reduction in price for the two of you.

If like me, you’ve been playing for years, you’ll have a different motivation for seeking a tutor. Maybe you want to extend the skills you already have, perhaps there are gaps in your knowledge that are hindering your progress, it’s possible you’re an expert in certain elements but a novice in others and you want to develop yourself as an all-round musician. If any of these are you, I’m here to help.

Why choose me over another teacher? Well, what I offer that many other tutors don’t is that I will come to you. This means that not only do you get to avoid any hassle with travelling but you can learn from the comfort and security of your own home. Alternatively, if this is your preference, I provide lessons through Facetime or Skype.

We all have a number of commitments in our hectic lives. If you can only manage fortnightly lessons instead of weekly, if you do a night shift and are only available for lessons during the day, if you have holidays planned and can’t commit to regular lessons, if you spend a few months each year out of the country and are worried that will be an issue, don’t concern yourself. Whatever your situation, I can work around your schedule.

Gradings and exams might be the route you want to take and if that is the case, I can guide you in the development of your skills, whether that be: playing set pieces, scales, sight-reading, improvisation, aural or music theory. However, if you have no interest in attaining a qualification, that’s not a problem. Instead, we can concentrate on learning to play recognisable songs, incredible guitar solos or beautiful classical pieces.

You may be interested in the electric guitar and using a plectrum with an amp or effects pedal. It might be the acoustic/classical guitar and the fingerstyle technique that inspires you. Either way, you’ll learn all you need to know from me.

Whilst I teach, I write out notes and draw diagrams for you because I know what a pain it can be trying to remember what we went through together in the lesson. I also have printable resources for all aspects of learning that I provide as and when you’re ready for them.

If you live in Winchester or the local surrounding areas, get in touch and we can discuss setting up an introductory lesson. For those who live further afield, I’m more than happy to make the journey to you but I would ask for a reasonable fee to cover my travel expenses.

Please note that my lessons are for adult students and I do ask for the money for any parking expenses I incur whilst in your home teaching you.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

I first started playing the guitar 15 years ago when my brother bought an acoustic for himself and I couldn’t wait to have a go. Since then, I’ve worked my way up to grade 7 with Trinity College London, which means I’m very familiar with the ins and out of preparing for and taking exams.

As well as that, I’ve spent numerous hours reading books, visiting websites, watching YouTube videos and experimenting to harness my abilities. I’ve also built up a large bank of songs, some just the chords that I strum out and sing along to and others the amazing guitar riffs, licks and solos of tunes we all know and love.

As well as having a natural ability to explain things in a way people can understand with ease, I’m very organised, almost to OCD proportions, which means I give lessons to a high standard. Over many years, I’ve created tonnes of teaching resources, all of which I use to guide and support my students.


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February 3, 2024

I wanted lessons to help me pick up guitar again after quite a long gap. Ben has been an excellent teacher – very systematic, understanding, and supportive. He’s helped me correct some bad habits, learn new techniques, and he’s been responsive to the direction I want to go. I would highly recommend Ben as a teacher!

November 29, 2023

Ben has given me electric bass guitar lessons over the period of a year.

This was Ben’s first experience of teaching electric bass and the fact that the instrument is left-handed could also have caused some issues. However, Ben spent time outside my lessons adapting his teaching for bass guitar.

Ben went to considerable lengths to work on suitable exercises for the bass guitar. I choose my favourite bass riff, which Queen’s Under Pressure. Ben devised a series of exercises to learn this which provided very successful. We looked at a number exercises and move onto other bands.

Ben was extremely patient with me, as a first time instrument player of ‘mature years’. Some weeks I had not practiced as much as I should have done but I was only mildly told off! As a retired person I migrate south to our second home on a regular basis and it was interesting on my return how quickly I picked up from where I was before my break.

I am taking a break from lessons, for now, for personal reasons but have every intention of returning to Ben for future instruction in the future.

I would strongly recommend Ben as a guitar teacher.

October 21, 2023

My wife contacted Ben because she wanted our son to be able to give me a guitar lesson as a Christmas present. Ben provided a voucher, which I redeemed in the new year. I’ve played the drums for a number of years and am grade 8, so I already had music knowledge, but I’d only tinkered on the guitar and wanted some input to help me to move in the right direction. It turned out I’d picked up a few nasty habits so Ben started by helping me to correct these. We then moved on to some songs. Ben doesn’t just race through things. We talk about the strumming patterns, finger placement, shortcuts & tips and some of the theory. We also learn the chords and the riffs and solos in the song, which means when I’m ready we can put the track on in the background and I get the chance to play in context. Every time we begin a new song, I find I’m picking it up more quickly because we’ve gone through the one before thoroughly. I really enjoy lessons and I’ve recommended Ben to a friend because I think he would too.

Lessons are relaxed and informative. Ben is friendly, knowledgeable and supportive and he gets the best out of you. Resources are great and help to back up lessons. I’ve recommended Ben to a friend and would to everyone else too

March 20, 2023

Ben has been a fantastic tutor. Exactly what I needed. Takes the time to understand my needs and my pace. Great that he checks in on understanding and if needed adapts his approach to get the best result. Every lesson has been beneficial and the material shared for learning is made to be easily understood and makes it enjoyable to practice.

June 3, 2022

I am a 55 year old who was clearly going through a midlife crisis (for the 3rd time!). The first time I bought a fast car, the second time I considered buying a motorbike and then I wanted to learn to play the electric guitar! I needed someone with the patience to take something like that on. Ben started by calling me for a quick chat. I was trying to learn by myself when I was 15 so I guess I was a novice. During our first lessons, Ben showed me the basics and we did some exercises together. He also taught me some recognisable songs like Smoke on the Water, Satisfaction and La Bamba. I enjoyed this but what I really wanted was to learn how to play the blues. The following week, Ben taught me some blues licks and since I’ve been learning about the minor pentatonic scale, dominant chords, the blues note and so the list goes on. I have a lot to learn yet but I’ve come a long way and can now improvise a 12 bar blues chord progression with confidence.

February 1, 2022

I first picked up a guitar when I was at college doing Performing Arts as one of my A-Levels. I love to sing and I knew playing an instrument would add a string to my bow. A few years later, my older brother bought a guitar and I got the bug again, watching him play chords I’d learnt myself and wanting to have a go again. Fast forward another couple of years and I was in a situation where I had some spare time and surplus cash that I wanted to put to good use. I heard about Ben through a friend and thought I’d give guitar lessons a go. I could still half remember a lot of chords so that was mainly revision but Ben actually explained the theory as well, which helped me to gain an understanding of what I was doing. Ben also made sure to expose me to a variety of genres and techniques. When I’d wanted to learn something new, I’d had the habit of picking the same artists over and over again and I hadn’t appreciated how much that narrowed my skill set. I was aware I needed someone to keep on top of me to make sure I practised, having only dabbled with the instrument in the past. I found Ben to be firm but fair with this! I’ve made a lot of progress since I started and I really couldn’t have done that without Ben. If it hadn’t been for his lessons and encouragement, I know I would have given up. I’d definitely recommend Ben to anyone!

October 20, 2021

I was keen on returning to playing guitar after a fifteen year gap when I used to have electric guitar lessons whilst at secondary school, so I recently picked up an acoustic guitar with the intention of focusing on country / folk music. Initially, I tried teaching myself songs through youtube videos and online guitar tutorials but found that progress was fairly slow at the cost of spending a lot of time and effort. Thankfully, with Ben, it’s been the exact opposite where I have found the lessons at exactly the right pace for my ability, covering enough to challenge me and make it enjoyable, whilst not covering too much to the point that it feels overwhelming and frustrating. Our hour-long lessons are invaluable and I certainly do not regret seeking a teacher as opposed to struggling through youtube tutorials! Ben’s teaching is spot on and he has an excellent ability to explain things in many various ways to cater for all learning processes. What I’ve really enjoyed is the variety of songs and exercises Ben has been teaching me with the overall aim of developing my overall guitar playing and knowledge, rather than just teaching me to play specific songs. An extra bonus is that Ben travels to me which is incredibly convenient to fit lessons around a changing work schedule. He is also very chilled out and easy to get on with and is very flexible with regard to lessons; often I have had to ask to change my lesson time due to work commitments and Ben has always managed to find a time that works for both of us. I’d highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for a guitar teacher!

May 15, 2021

I contacted Ben after I found his advert on Superprof. He replied the same day and offered to give me a call so we could have a chat about what I wanted to get out of lessons. We arranged a first lesson for the next week and Ben even came to my house, meaning I didn’t have to travel anywhere so that was an added bonus! I was a complete beginner so I was a bit worried at first but Ben was really patient with me and made sure to explain things clearly and move at a pace that suited me. During lessons, Ben demonstrates chords, scales, solos and songs himself and then explains what he’s doing before letting me have a go and helping to make sure I’m doing it right and not picking up any nasty habits! After the lesson, he sends me resources so I can practise and he’s always on hand to answer questions I have between lessons. He’s good as well because he’s really flexible so if I need to change the day or time, he’s happy to do that. Ben’s a nice guy and a really good teacher and I’d highly recommend him!

Thankyou for the lessons !

Joanna Rees

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