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I'm Olivia Barr, where you're a complete beginner or looking to develop your vocal skills further, you've come to the right place. With tailored instruction suited for beginners to advanced students, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your full vocal potential!

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Olivia Barr - Professional Singing Teacher

Singing Lessons Portsmouth Teacher - Olivia Barr
My Mission

Lessons Tailored To You

Olivia has recently graduated from The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with a Masters in Vocal Performance and is very excited to begin teaching singing. Not only will the lessons help you to develop your vocal ability but they can be a brilliant way to improve confidence and creativity. Olivia has a huge amount of experience in the performing arts and has enjoyed working as a professional operatic chorus member for the past two summers. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


£24.00 per 1/2 hour, £35.00 per hour

Singing Teacher

Olivia Barr


Haslemere, UK
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Student Advice

Finding Your Unique Voice

With my high-quality singing lessons, we dive deep into the performing arts world, combining technique with personal expression to develop your signature sound.

As your teacher, we'll explore a variety of techniques designed to broaden your vocal range and reinforce your foundation in the arts. Whether you're just starting to sing or looking to refine your skills in the music industry, my approach as a teacher will equip you with the practical tools to achieve your singing goals.


£24.00 per 1/2 hour
£35.00 per hour

Lessons are weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Advice for New Students

Building Confidence, Vocal Strength & Range

Develop Your Confidence & Self Belief

Building confidence is at the heart of my music lessons in Portsmouth. To achieve this, I create a welcoming and supportive environment where students of all age groups can find their voice and express themselves without fear.

Whether it's your first lesson or you're a seasoned performer, my teaching approach is crafted to help singers believe in their abilities and project their voice.

Strengthening Your Vocal Power

My professional musician lessons concentrate on vocal strength, employing techniques that protect your voice while pushing its limits.

As an experienced singing tutor, I am dedicated to helping singers develop power in their vocals, ensuring that each note is not just heard but felt by an audience.

Through fun, dynamic exercises, I engage students in activities that build stamina and control - with fun weekly lessons focused on helping you improve your vocal strength week by week.

Expanding Vocal Range with Expertise

Expanding your vocal range can transform your singing capabilities, and as an experienced singing tutor I am well-versed in guiding you through this journey.

I break down complex techniques into approachable steps in my lessons in Portsmouth, with an emphasis on learning to sing through the music that inspires you.

Embracing the World of Music Theory and Vocal Safety

My teaching approach to music integrates enjoyment with a dedicated emphasis on developing correct singing techniques, understanding music theory, and prioritising vocal safety.

My private singing lessons include vocal exercises designed to protect your vocal cords while enhancing your range and expressive capabilities.

All Genres Covered: Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre & More

Here at Singing Lessons Portsmouth, I teach a wide range of different musical genres. Pick your favourite genres, singers and songs and I will teach you how to sing them!

As a professional singing teacher, I know how it important it is that my students sing the music that inspired them. Therefore, my music sessions focus on helping you to develop the skills needed to perform across this spectrum with confidence and ability.

Vocal Health as Recommended by Professional Singing Teachers

Good vocal health is paramount for singers of all skill levels and it is not hard to find singing teachers who emphasise the importance of maintaining it throughout your musical journey.

Prioritising Warm-Up Routines

Before diving into the melodies and harmonies, starting each session with a proper warm-up is crucial.

I will guide you through tried-and-true techniques to prepare your voice, beginning with foundational exercises like lip rolls and simple scales, and gradually advancing to more specialised vocal exercises tailored to your skill level and goals.

Technique and Posture

Singing technique and posture play crucial roles in the development of a strong and healthy singing voice.

Whether you're a beginner or have been singing for years, proper technique and posture are fundamental aspects that singing teachers prioritise in their lessons.

More teachers then ever are focusing on posture as a key aspect of learning to sing, helping to unlock the voice for all age groups.

Tailored for All Ages

My vocal coaching adapt to the age and abilities of my students. From children to adults, I pride ourselves on creating an environment where singers of all ages can learn and grow.

As an experience singing tutor, I know first hand there is a great interest from parents in how singing teachers approach tutoring young learners. Whether in group lessons or individual tuition, singing for young learners should be fun, engaging and most of all encouraging - with each lesson focusing on one or more of the foundations of singing.

By focusing on these vital aspects of singing foundations and vocal health, I strive to ensure that every student can sing with confidence and longevity, transforming their love for music into singing without fear.

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Singing Lessons Portsmouth Teacher - Olivia Barr
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I can help you to

I believe everyone’s voice has the potential to resonate and captivate. Let me help you develop and celebrate the unique qualities that make your voice distinctly yours. Together, we'll embark on a journey to not only teach you the intricacies of vocal performance but also to instill the confidence to truly shine—both on stage and off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, investing in singing lessons with a qualified singing teacher can be highly beneficial. Professional singing teachers help students develop proper vocal techniques, improve range, pitch accuracy, and overall performance skills, leading to significant progress and confidence in their singing abilities.

The cost of vocal lessons in the UK can vary depending on factors such as the teacher's experience, location, and lesson duration. On average for singing teachers in Portsmouth, you might expect to pay between £20 to £40 per hour session, while rates for more experienced or specialised instructors could range from £30 to £50 per hour.

No, 30 is not too old to begin singing lessons. It's never too late to pursue a passion for singing or to improve vocal skills. Many people begin singing lessons in their adulthood and make significant progress with dedicated practice and guidance from a qualified singing teacher.

Absolutely, singing lessons are worthwhile even if you feel you can't sing initially. A skilled singing teacher can help individuals of all levels, including beginners, develop their vocal abilities through proper techniques, exercises, and personalised instruction.

While there's no specific age requirement to begin singing lessons, many expert tutors suggest that children can begin formal vocal training around the ages of 7 to 9.

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