Having studied with world-class international soloists at the Royal College of Music (London) and at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, winning instrumental prizes in both venues,  Mr Liviu Popescu divides his versatile musical career between private teaching at the highest level, chamber music, giving recitals and freelancing with some of the biggest orchestras in the UK and abroad.

Mr Popescu has collaborated with several internationally renowned orchestras such as London Philharmonic, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, The City of Birmingham Symphony and has led the viola section of the RTE Concert Orchestra (Dublin). Recipient of a Bachelor of Music degree with Honours and a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance, Mr Popescu is also the winner of several performance prizes at both the Royal College of Music and the Birmingham Conservatoire.

As a highly experienced tutor, Mr Popescu’s extensive experience will provide master classes in technique, musical and artistic development and varied repertoire, with a speciality in preparing students for academic endeavours, college and university auditions & all graded exams from beginner to highest diploma levels. Whether you are looking to build upon a solid professional career or perhaps just as a pastime, Mr Popescu’s instrumental expertise will prove essential to an immediate and guaranteed improvement from the very first session.

Flexible in approach to communication and environment, individually tailored lessons are provided on a professional level but what is more, with a highly experienced professional touch. Providing for both the young and elder generations alike, Dudley Violin School assures prospective students with registered DBS/CRB credentials. We invite & encourage parents and carers to sit-in all sessions.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

  • Bachelor of Music Degree with Honour
  • Acclaimed Post Graduate Diploma in Musical Performance from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal College of Music in London

Cedar Rd, Dudley DY1 4HW, UK



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Viola, Violin

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February 13, 2022

I decided for my 50th birthday to commit to learning to play violin. As I’m normally a music lover and I have ears that work reasonably well, the start of this endeavour could be almost torturous! 😉

I did initially try to self-learn with you tube videos etc. but have found so much more improvement in my playing since starting lessons with Liviu.

Liviu is a fabulous musician as well as a talented and inspiring teacher. I feel my bowing, intonation and overall sound quality notably improved in just a matter of months. As an adult student I really appreciate his supportive but still straight-talking advice and I haven’t been asked to play nursery rhymes (a personal dread as an older student). He has also been a great teacher in improving my music theory knowledge and has a wealth of practical advice in ‘helping this to sink in’

I’m now working toward my Grade 3 exam and have found this possible due to the increased confidence and improvement since having lessons with Liviu, I would happily recommend him and Dudley Violin School to everyone!

Collette Cross
June 7, 2021

Brilliant violin teacher

Mr. Popescu is a brilliant teacher, very well prepared. He knows how to engage with young children and is extremely patient. He has proven to be an excellent teacher for my 10 year daughter. Mr. Popescu is teaching my daughter violin for 6 months and she’ s making already a great progress (he’ s preparing her for Grade 3 Exam). More importantly, my daughter enjoys the violin lessons and I would highly recommend Mr. Popescu for his teaching skills, patience, friendly approach and the great results.

Stefania RL
June 7, 2021

Best tutor around!!

A superior tutor, Mr Popescu will strive to put you at ease whilst delivering what I find my fastest progress to date. Highly recommended!

Gabriel D
June 7, 2021

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher

Liviu is a wonderful teacher for my son. He is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. He pays attention to technique (most important for string players), but also makes it interesting! Everything is said with a smile and in an encouraging manner, which in turn, makes my son look forward to his lessons each week.

Claire P
June 7, 2021

A fully satisfied parent

Mr. Popescu has taught both my daughters and I don’t know how to begin to say what an excellent teacher he is. He is so skilled at what he does and knows how to handle the student so well. Both my daughters passed all their exams at their first attempts getting distinctions & merits and they could not thank their teacher enough. My younger daughter is grade 7 now. Mr. Popescu is caring & goes the extra mile to make sure that the student learns the music in a very relaxed atmosphere and never finishes when the time is up unless their is perhaps another student waiting. He is very flexible whenever we need to re-arrange a lesson. The best violin teacher by a mile. I would never hesitate to recommend the Dudley Violin School.

Amali A
June 7, 2021

Highly recommended, an eye opener

Outstanding tutor, the best learning experience by far in the Midlands. With highly detailed expert background from a true professional, I have improved my playing dramatically within the first 5 sessions. Highly recommended.

David G
June 7, 2021

Fantastic lessons for violin

Fantastic lessons! If you want to learn and get qualifications or just improve on the violin through a music sheet you bring along, there is no challenge with the insightful teaching you receive. I’ve been having lessons for nearly 8 years and have not regretted it since. The experience and holistic approach I have received, targets the specified areas with a positive impact on the rest of the skills required to perform. If your looking for a place to study either Viola or Violin in the West Midlands area on a one-to-one tutoring basis, I highly recommend coming to Dudley Violin School.

Brandon C
June 7, 2021

Best violin teacher..

If you are looking to learn violin or want your child to learn it, look nowhere else. Liviu is an excellent teacher and I think he is the best teacher I have ever come across. His teaching style is extremely simple and he likes to make sure that the basics are right. He never rushes through the lesson and he is always available for any queries. He is extremely flexible for the lessons. He is not only an expert in teaching violin but he also ensures that his student does not lag behind in presentation and communication skills. He leaves no stone unturned in making sure that his student achieves his/her best potential. I am very thankful to him that he is my daughter’s teacher and I have seen her how she has benefited from Liviu’s lessons when it comes to playing violin, public performance, confidence and communication skills. If every teacher was like Liviu, this world would be a different place with every student excelling in whatever they do.

Chandan G
June 7, 2021

First Class!

Cannot recommend highly enough! My daughter loves her lessons and plays her violin every day! She gets very nervous with exams but with Liviu’s support and guidance, not to mention his highly sort after expertise she passes her exams confidently and learns to love it just a little bit more! The standard of the teaching is first class and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Liviu Popescu is a dedicated teacher who has advanced my daughter to be an accomplished player who dreams of playing like her teacher one day! 5 stars!

Jennie H

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