History of Bodhran

History of Bodhran and Essential Tips for Beginners to Play the Instrument

The musical instrument Bodhran is an old but a young instrument of this era. Bodhran exists in Ireland for last many decades and it is also considered as a heritage instrument of Ireland respectively. In 1960 it was introduced for traditional musical performances only and it has started commonly use in 1970. It was also very much common to use the drums in ancient time when people are totally unaware of the melodies. It was commonly used in the wars to intimate the condition of the battlefield. Different opinions you will probably get to hear regarding the Bodhran. Many people believe that for the origin of the Bodhran was came from Africa through Spain in Ireland. Another thought, people disagree with the statement and they originated Bodhran from Central Asia to Europe and adopted by Ireland.

If you ever get a chance to visit Ireland you will probably see the use of Bodhran commonly in Ireland. As well know very well that Irish people love to celebrate their events with the sweet melody of musical instruments. Bodhran is one of the most famous musical instruments in Ireland. Irish people love music and especially their wedding events are more enjoyable where nobody can leave without making a twist on the beat of the sound.

Construction of Bodhran

Bodhran Drum: Traditional Irish Instrument

Bodhran is shaped like an oval rim which is covered by the goatskin. Only one side has covered by the goatskin other side is used to hold the Bodhran Drum into hands with the help of cross bars. The skin tightly covered the complete oval shape of the instrument which uses to produce sound when it will play by the artist. Bodhran Drum is also tunable with the help of strings which anyone can get set the pitch according to their need. On the backside of Bodhran, you will probably see the cross bars which is helpful to hold the instrument while playing it. There are two types of tunable Bodhran. Are as follows:

i) External Tunable

External Tunable Bodhran allows the user to tighten the skin to set it according to their desire from outside the rim respectively. Most of the time a person needs to tune the instrument to play the perfect beat of the melody.

ii) Internal Tunable

The Internal tunable option is totally different to the external tunable process. It will also act like the similar feature which helps out the person to tune up the Bodhran pitch internally by the help of a screw.

Benefits of Learning Music

According to the scientific research, music can provide you lots of benefits. It is the main source to divert your attention from stress-full things and make you feel relax. It is also proved that the people who love to play music are much sharper than a normal person. Music improves the creativity level of any person and it also improves their way of thinking related to anything. Especially our youth has got very much interested in music and almost every educational institute music classes have made compulsory for the student respectively. From the day long stress moments, if you probably manage some time to learn to play music, you will definitely feel better and energetic.

In your childhood, you may have faced the strict behaviour of your parents regarding join the music classes. You may get angry at that time, but you personally have to thank them because they allotted you the best activity which will probably help you out to understand the things easy and clear. In most of the schools it has become a common practice to judge the performance of the music learner students with normal students, finally, they assumed that those students which use to learn the music classes having much active as compare to other kids of the same class.

Here are some essential tips for beginners to learn music, especially Bodhran Drum. These steps will definitely help you out to make your dreams come true.

Essential tips for beginners to play the Bodhran like a Professional

1. Buy the Bodhran Drum First

If you are living in Ireland, you may probably see Bodhran for sale everywhere respectively. The first and the most important thing are to search for the best and reliable dealer around you and select the size of the Bodhran Drum according to your need which you can easily adjust in your hands. The similar instructions for those who live all over the world can manage it accordingly.

2. Search for the best institute

There are different types of musical institutes you will probably get the option around you. Moreover, dealers of musical instruments will also guide you the best institutes where you can learn how to play a beautiful beat.

3. Video tutorials

There are multiple types of video tutorials you will probably get on YouTube. Different musicians have shared their best experiences and tips through videos. Watch them carefully and pick up the most important points from them. These videos will surely help you out to get the essential points which you can utilize in your practice.

4. Positioning the drum and yourself as well

As we have already discussed that Bodhran drum is consist of a goatskin, which has only covered the single area respectively. Now you better know that you want to play the Bodhran with your right hand or left. First of all, place the Bodhran on your lap and set it according to your ease. Hold it from the cross bars and the sitting position is the best and idle to control the instrument nicely. It will also very much easy to hold the tipper in another hand to play the melody nicely.

5. Holding the tipper nicely

Always remember to hold the tipper in your hand with loose grip, but make sure it is tight enough that it will never fall down from your hand. Now use the tipper on Bodhran according to the written beat and if you are on learning stage then you need not get tense, it is a fact you will surely do mistakes in the start. Be confident and concentrate on your task respectively. If you like any Bodhran player very much and you consider the personality as an inspiration, then you should have to watch their tutorial videos to get the things which could help you out to improve your skills.

6. Concentrate on your basic strokes

You should have to start striking the Bodhran with the corner or head of the tipper. Hold the tipper into the shape of a pencil. Set the Bodhran with your ribs tightly and place the hand on the back side of the instrument to give support nicely. The best area to play the Bodhran is the lower portion or 45-degree angle. It is also mentioned about the area according to the clock 6 to 9 portion.

7. Keep practicing

This is a common saying that practice makes a man perfect and you have to keep practising your lessons. The best way is to make a group in which share your ideas and performances to get a response regarding your performance. This activity will also provide you much confidence to face the audience and you will also get more things to learn from your group as well. In different institutes, it is a common practice in different musical institutes to perform the learners in front of the class to improvise their skills better.

You can also get inspiration from your favourite Bodhran player respectively. Use their tricks and gestures to make your knowledge enhance. It will also improve your playing skills better than anything. There are multiple famous Bodhran players you will get in the history. Make your better choice to select the best one in all respects.

8. Always move with a vision

There are different types of examples in front of you regarding the famous musicians. They also have the determination and courage to get something with the music. This is how they have achieved their goals of life and they are famous worldwide in these days. It is a genuine fact that if you don’t have any goals or determination, then you may not get the success in your life. Your vision will provide you the opportunity to achieve something best at all. So, practice it nicely and set a vision to achieve your goal you will definitely get the best outcome from all.


After discussing these essential points for beginners finally, we have the clear view of the benefits of learning music activity. It has also proved by scientists that music learning kid can get the best advantages as compared to the normal kid respectively. Music helps out the student to make their mind creative and they can easily understand the things as compared to others. It has also approved that a musician can easily learn different languages as compared to the normal person. It also improves your mathematical approaches. Multiple of benefits you will get from the music the Bodhran players in Ireland respectively.

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