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    Posted by Guest Teacher on November 28, 2019 at 8:18 am

    Hello Somerset based private music tutors!

    I am interested in setting up / joining a network of private teachers in Somerset to share best practice, resources, concerts, workshops, tea, cake and chats.

    This can be a very isolating industry – I know from my experience as a Head of Music in a Grammar school in Kent (where I was the only teacher in the department) that without setting up networks, and talking to other teachers, you can come across walls and start to doubt whether your ideas are good enough (when usually they are).

    I have just recently moved back from Kent to Somerset (where I grew up) and am just starting to set up a new private teaching roster, but over the next year I want to put down routes – get to meet up with and collaborate with as many other music teachers in the area as possible and hopefully establish a network of teachers in the area.

    If you want to get to know more about me and my teaching, please visit my website at: http://www.jhorseymusictuition.co.uk

    Please use the links on my website to see some of my other profiles on directories and the RGT@LCM. If anybody knows of any other local directories that they use – which seem to work well for them, please do let me know!

    Thanks – I look forward to possibly meeting with some of you soon!

    Best wishes,


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  • Matthew Rusk

    November 28, 2019 at 8:19 am

    Hi Joshua, this is a great idea – I am always in support of teachers connecting with each other. I will talk with a few teachers I know in the Somerset area to point them in your direction. Would you be interested in doing anything online via Skype etc. to network with music teachers further afield?🙂

  • Eliza Fyfe

    November 28, 2019 at 8:20 am

    Hi Joshua!

    I am a singing teacher based in Bristol and have a network of teachers who meet up regularly for meetings, workshops and put on concerts for our students. The meetings in between are certainly useful as you’re right – it is an isolating world being a self-employed music teacher! I run a choir too and other teachers have been down similar roads so we often share in our experiences and generally offload! The sharing of ideas, whether it’s singing techniques or cancellation policies, we cover it all! Workshops can be useful too, as we are always learning as teachers too.

    Where in Somerset are you based?


  • Guest Teacher

    November 28, 2019 at 8:20 am

    Hello Matthew and Eliza.

    Thanks for the support and your replies to my earlier message about setting up and/or joining a network of teachers in Somerset.

    Matthew, that would be great! Although I grew up in the west country, I have spent all of my professional career so far in Essex and then Kent, so I have not established any contacts in this area recently – and as you know things develop quickly in this industry.

    I would be happy to do some online as well as face to face networking to get things started and don’t want to re-write the book if there are networks already established that I don’t know about. It is not about setting up competing groups, but working together and sharing ideas and events for the good of everyone (especially our students).

    Hi Eliza, it looks as if you have been really active on this forum and in the Bristol area. I have family who live in Bristol so I know it reasonably well. I am currently between properties in Martock and Somerton and will eventually have my Music Studio near the town centre of Somerton. I used to perform with a couple of professional vocal groups in both Kent and Essex as first Tenor for a while – I loved performing and writing music for them. Let me know if you ever need any help, music or an extra Tenor😊

    It is great that you already have a network set up in your area and I would love to liaise with you all, but I feel it would be beneficial to have a few groups spread throughout the area (especially as Bristol is almost an hours drive away for me mist days).

    Please do keep in touch though😊

    Thanks again,


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