Best Ways To Learn Guitar At Home

Best Ways To Learn Guitar At Home

It’s what we all do when learning something new 90% of the time, we learn from home in our own spare time, whether that is learning an instrument or learning a new language. We have all been there when you hit a rut and are not sure where to go so I am hoping these suggestions will help you:

1. Download or view online tablature of your favorite songs:

This one should be something you are doing already, When I was younger I found that the best way to learn new songs was through sites like Ultimate Guitar where you can search for the tablature for any song within any genre & then you can choose the best rated version and you are good to go. The only downside to this is you have to do a lot of referencing to the track for the phrasing and rhythm because they only provide tablature and not notation in most cases.

2. Get an online based guitar tutor:

Online lessons via apps like Skype and Facetime are now becoming more popular. Sadly many people are still not willing to try this because they feel that it’s too different from face to face lessons but the truth is that it really is no different at all & is quickly becoming the easiest and best way to learn guitar from your own home.

3. View Lessons on YouTube:

This is one I haven’t personally used myself but I have had many students who have said that YouTube has helped them really break down a song they are interested in whilst still having someone talk you through it. The downside to YouTube, however, is that unlike a skype lesson, there is nobody to tell you when you are going wrong.

4. Download guitar eBooks or PDF’s:

If you are more like me and prefer to learn via exercises and just get into a book full of them then this would be for you. Head onto the app store and you will find lots of eBooks in various different genres that you can download. If you prefer you can head to your local music store as they will also have a wide collection of guitar based books in all genres.

5. Guitar related magazines:

Sadly, this is something that isn’t as popular as it was 10 years ago. But I would say magazines like “Total Guitar” and “Guitar Techniques” are amazing for improving your all-round skills, as they go through a selection of different songs as well as techniques in different styles and at different difficulty levels. I would say that this was the most important tool for me improving my guitar playing.


I believe the best thing for any guitarist at any level is to try all of these out and see what is best for you. From there you can then focus on the genre or style of song that best fits your playing aspirations.

Book an online guitar lesson:

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