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My name is Corey Morris and I have been a professional trumpet player and teacher since my BMus graduation in 2017, from the Royal Welsh College of Music. I highly enjoy nurturing the skills of beginners and seasoned players alike, through use of structured and encouraging teaching methods.

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Corey Morris - Professional Trumpet Teacher

Trumpet Lessons Cardiff Teacher - Corey Morris
My Mission

Learn Classical & Jazz

During my time as a performer, I have played with some of the finest musicians the UK has to offer, in a multitude of musical scenarios. Having studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music, my understanding of the trumpets role within various styles has developed extensively and put into practice for years.

My own musical achievements have included receiving a scholarship to study at degree level at the Royal Welsh College of Music where I also attended their Junior Conservatoire, winning Brass Prize in the final year. As a postgraduate I have been fortunate to play with renowned orchestras and other ensembles across the UK, as well as teach many students both in and out of school environments.


Mobile Teacher, Cardiff

Trumpet Teacher

Corey Morris
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My Lessons

All Ages, Styles and Skill Levels Welcome

I have years of experience in teaching players of all abilities. I am pleased to state that my current students are a diverse range of learner types, ages and musical interests. Regardless of where you may currently find yourself along your musical journey, I can guarantee that our lessons will challenge your skills and teach you something new.

One of the greatest joys I have experienced as a musician has been watching my students progress further and further from week to week. Practice is important, however without a clear understanding of how to best spend that time then it can be extremely difficult to perpetuate motivation. My lessons will provide expert 1-1 support and guidance, putting each piece of material into context of the bigger picture.


£16 per 1/2 hour
£32 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

From new beginners to experienced players, my students are a wide mix of learners that continue to develop and learn each week. No matter what stage you may be at currently, my lessons can provide the support you need to attain the next musical milestone!

Lesson Focus

Learn Famous Melodies & Techniques

Hit the ground running by mastering important skills

My Experience as a Teacher

During my time as a teacher, I have had the privilege of teaching brass at Aberdare School for three years. There, I have guided students of all descriptions, from beginners to diploma level.

Having received a high level of musical training myself, studying at the Royal Welsh College of Music, I have had the opportunity to pick up many effective teaching techniques and processes that I now apply to my own lesson structures. My students have always benefitted from the incredible support I received at one of the most prestigious music education institutes in the country.

I am also an experienced teacher of music theory, which often comes hand in hand with playing. Occasionally, lessons will focus on the (not so daunting!) subject of theory, in order to bring clarity and understanding to the music you have loved from the beginning.

Lessons Focus

From Beginner to Advanced

Take logical steps towards attaining great musicianship and skill level

More About My Lessons

My lessons are methodically planned and clearly presented, in order for students to make the most out of their time with me. Most progress gets made in practice time, so it is of paramount importance that each learner fully understands their specific tasks from lesson to lesson.

Though productivity is important, I always like to keep lessons relaxed and students comfortable. Learning musical instruments of any kind should be an enjoyable and exciting process, so it is my job to keep those who attend my lessons encouraged and looking forward to reaching their targets!

Each lesson in planned and presented with the individual student in mind. Every learner has a different progression rate, musical interests and level of experience, so I strongly believe lessons should reflect this in order to provide the utmost progress and enjoyment.

Teacher Tips

Guidance in All Aspects

From finding your first horn, to preparing you for the grade 8 exam

Music Shops in Cardiff

Quite often, I am asked about where to best find instruments, accessories and other music specific tools in and around Cardiff. Fortunately, we have access to a handful of well established and well stocked stores right here, in Cardiff.

Located at 56 St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1FE, Gamlin's Music Centre has a great range of horns suitable for beginner and intermediate players. As a general music store, you will also be able to find any accessory you could need to start playing a musical instrument.

G.M. Music, located at 2 Wharton Street, Cardiff CF10 1AG, also offers a great range of instruments best suited for beginners, along with all other products you could need to begin learning.

Penarth Music Centre is a well established general music shop stocking a variety of trumpets ideal for beginners, however some of their stock would also suit professional players well. It is located at 4 Station Approach, Penarth CF64 3EE

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Trumpet Lessons Cardiff Teacher - Corey Morris
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I can help you to

I am an experienced and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for guiding others efficiently. As a performer I have played with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, The Welsh National Opera Orchestra and the English Symphony Orchestra.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons cost £16 for 30 minutes and £32 for 60 minutes.

My lessons can either take place at a location of your choosing, or online via platforms such as Skype or Zoom. This means that students do not need to take time out of their day to reach their lessons.

I teach all ages, from 8 years old and upwards. It is certainly worth mentioning that I have had great success in teaching adult beginners, so it is never too late to pick up an instrument!

You are not required to attend lessons each week, however I do suggest that students leave no longer than two weeks between each appointment. It is important to keep skills and knowledge developing at a consistent rate, so regular lessons are certainly worth considering.

If you must cancel a booked appointment, then that is absolutely fine. I know just how crazy life can be at times, and sometimes other things must take priority. However, I do insist that students keep to my 48 hour cancellation policy meaning that if you wish to cancel or postpone a lesson, then you must notify me 48 hours or more before the agreed time slot.

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Mobile Teacher, Cardiff
Mobile Teacher
As a mobile trumpet tutor, my students benefit from the advantages of learning from their own homes. Travel is not necessary, and online options via Skype & Zoom are available for those further afield.
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Trumpet Teacher

Corey Morris
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