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Hello, my name is Sonia and I am a singing teacher and also a voice coach working with public speakers.

I am thrilled every time I see that spark in the eye of my students, that very moment when they understood the concept and the next door of progress is opening in front of them. I love what I do.

For me learning how to sing is an amazing journey of self-discovery but also learning a skill that engages our body, mind and emotions.

I can confidently teach students interested in pop, rock, jazz, reggae or classical music. I love the process, the discovery and creativity involved in it.

I enjoy working with all students – from beginners to advanced ones as it is so fascinating every time round, and no two lessons are the same!

During teaching I mainly use piano, sometimes double bass and recordings – I also create tools supporting the process from my students where needed.

I teach:

  • Breathing for singing
  • Ear Training
  • Pitch awareness (singing in tune)
  • Rhythm awareness
  • Listening
  • Register blend
  • Learning songs
  • Choosing repretoire
  • Discovering your unique tone and colour of voice
  • Singing with confidence
  • Expanding vocal range
  • Healthy warm up
  • Kinaesthetic awareness
  • Removing bad singing habits
  • Singing with a live band
  • Successful Performer Mindset
  • Preparation for exams, auditions, recordings
  • Dealing with stage fright / Confidence
  • Music

I stated giving singing lessons in 2011 and since 2016 I also offer holistic singing lessons for those who are interested in getting into the core of singing and learn more about themselves as well.

Initially I was singing as a session musician for a recording studio, my international music career began with the first performing contract signed in 2009.

During the next 5 years I sang in New York, Nagoya, Dubai, China, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Slovakia before I moved to London in 2013.

My creative versatility expressed itself through collaborations with Gary Crosby OBE (Jazz Warriors), Tadeusz Domanowski (Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, EMI Classics) and Robin Banerjee (Amy Winehouse).

My studies:

  • Bel canto (classical voice emission),
  • Speech Level Singing (S. Riggs),
  • Complete Vocal Technique (C. Sandolin),
  • Sing with freedom (P. Bristow)
  • Voice Healing Method (dr Ch. Elsner)

Breathing techniques:

  • Buddhist meditation breathwork
  • Yogic breathing techniques
  • Stig Severinsen (World Champion & World Guinness Record holder)
  • Kinaesthetic awareness

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

In 2018 I debuted in New York with a sold out 25th Anniversary of the Music Education Centre concert

In 2013 I debuted in London with a sold out concert in Jazz Café POSK

In 2008 Frost School of Music University of Miami Jazz Vocal Department awarded me with Study Scholarship.

From 2009 to 2013 I gave international performances in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the USA.

I received private music tuition.


Sycamore Rd, Launton, Bicester OX26 5DZ, UK



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45 mins


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I’ve been teaching for many years now and learning how to use your voice is a fascinating journey within.

Voice expresses emotions, how we think and interact with ourselves and others.

We need to learn how to breath properly and how to use this wonderful instrument that is hidden inside.

I love teaching singing and I offer my holistic approach to beginners and singers in different stages their journey – whether you need to develop voice, heal it or find it.

Weekly lessons are the best way forward if you want to lear how to sing or speak in a healthy way, required when using voice as a work tool.

First class is an opportunity to find out where you are and learn about voice.

If you like it then you can decide to sign up for regular classes.

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Beginner (up to Grade 5), Intermediate (Grades 5-8), Advanced (Grade 8 and above), Professional Musicians/Teachers

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from 12 years old

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Genres Taught

Blues, Funk, Jazz, Music of Latin America, Pop, Reggae

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Big Band, Bossa Nova, Swing


Languages Spoken

English, Polish



June 29, 2021

Sonia is an amazing teacher who will help you develop your inner capacity with no fear or judgment. She will guide you through your journey considering your specific needs and desires. Lessons are always clear and fun, and you really manage to merge into yourself and experience your unique sound and sensations related to it. If you practice and follow her suggestions, you will improve for sure! I am very great full to Sonia. I have been practicing with her since July 2016, currently still satisfied and passionate about my learning!

Alberto Tordella
June 29, 2021

Great discovery! I’ve nerver taken singing class of my life and was a bit afraid to start it but she really puts you in a confident and warm atmosphere. Plus her skills and way of teaching are very efficient and professional. If you work on your side, you’ll feel the evolution either. Highly recommended.

Caroline Lavergne
June 29, 2021

This teacher is amazing. She taught me from scratch to sing a song which i had to sing at a wedding. She was patient,very inspiring and a joy to learn from.the sessions were challenging and i was given homework after every lesson. I can wholeheartedly say sonia is the best teacher i have ever met. Would highly recommend her.

Rajeev Gupta
June 29, 2021

Sonia is a really great teacher, very attentive, creative and careful, always looking for different strategies to help you develop your singing on a solid basis. I’ve been having classes with her for a months, and I can feel the difference from lesson to lesson. I would definitely recommend her!

Luisa Nóbrega
June 29, 2021

Sonia is very a caring person and has a lovely aura about her which makes you feel instantly relaxed around her, and in her home.

Not only have I gained knowledge about breathing and techniques but I have also gained a better knowledge of myself.

I would recommend Sonia to anybody who is looking for an all round experience and not just a generic singing lesson.

You will not be disappointed.

I have rated Sonia 5 stars as that’s he highest rating I could give

Sarah Hayes
June 29, 2021

My 11 year old daughter is in love with singing and has such a passion for it. Finding Sonia was a blessing. She is very experienced and delivers the lesson in such a nice and kind way. She is very dedicated and taught her the basics Which helped her improve. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in vocals, her kindness and positive energy is absolutely amazing . Thank you Sonia for everything.

Siham Dajani
June 29, 2021

It was my first time stepping into a vocal lesson so I was stressed before I saw Sonia.,By the time I met her she made me feel very comfortable.Like I was with a friend to talk about something I like doing.The first lesson opened a new horizon in the way I should practise and the way I should think as a singer to make it happen .I feel much more optimistic for my future on that part.I stood lucky in my fresh start.I cant wait for my next lesson.

Eirini Aritzi
June 29, 2021

Sonia is a excellent teacher with efficient methods to bring you confidence,, voice expression and get rid of any mental blocks .

Thank you so much to be a teacher

Arminda San
June 29, 2021

Working with Sonia has been so far a bless. I enrolled in a singing course for beginners hoping to learn some basics and improve the streangth and confidence of my voice. She has been able to get me out of my own shell and I have seen improvement with the way I breath, speak and sing. She is very talented, patient and a great musician to work with.

The teaching style is logical and effective. I would highly recommend Sonia to whoever wishes to start singing either to pursue a professional career or just as passion.

Dorota Oksztel
June 29, 2021

Sonia is very talented and takes her time to explain and guide you through everything. The progress I have made in 6 months is phenomenal.

Juliette Rose
June 29, 2021

I have always liked singing whether i can or not.LOL. Sonia relaxes you straight away. She is very good at that. It has taken me along time to relax and get rid of my very bad habits. Sonia has been very patient and very professional. She is great to work with. Anyone that picks Sonia as a teacher will not be unsatisfied. Sonia is Great.

Samantha Wilson
June 29, 2021

I’ve had the pleasure of being taught by Sonia for several months now and can’t imagine a better teacher. Coming to singing lessons as an absolute beginner can be nerve-racking but she is kind, understanding and very patient. She is versatile with a wide-ranging understanding of music be it pop, rock, jazz or opera.

Most importantly she gives you the confidence to progress way beyond your expectations. I find her method of teaching both singing exercises and meditation techniques particularly helpful in dealing with stage-fright and other blockages that can get in the way of a good performance.

Meet Your Voice is an apt name for Sonia’s practice as I feel as though she has introduced my to a part of myself for the first time. I highly recommend her as a singing coach.

Karl Karson

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