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Hi, my name is Laura. I’m 26 years old and have been teaching for over 5 years both privately and within a school setting.

I’ve been in love with music ever since I was little, singing along to Disney films, rewinding them over and over just so I could listen to the songs again. My love for music carried on getting stronger, so one Christmas, my parents bought me my first keyboard. I was around 7 years old at the time but I remember sitting under the Christmas tree with my keyboard for hours, trying to figure out the notes to jingle bells by ear, (looking back on it, I must have driven my parents insane.) This became a pattern for the next few years. I’d sit in my room for hours upon hours working out my favourite songs by ear – what I mean by “by ear” is that I’d listen to the song multiple times, each time finding the correct notes and piecing the song together – it was only when I started senior school that I started having actual lessons in both piano, keyboard and vocals.

Throughout school, I achieved multiple grade exams in both and a true love of music solidified. I later went onto college to study music and then to LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) where I graduated with a 2:1 in music in 2016.

University is where my teaching career began. In 2014 I became a private music tutor, specialising in piano lessons and vocal tuition (I also teach music theory, composition, songwriting, production etc.) at a local music instrument store in Liverpool teaching all ages from as young as 2 (yes this was a challenge) to as mature as 98. All at different ability levels. Over the years, I have perfected my teaching style and pride myself in making sure every lesson is fun and that you see continuous progression and growth in your learning. Lessons are tailored to each individual. Focusing on their specific goals/needs.

I am happy to teach an array of styles/techniques/genres, with the lessons being focused on making the student the best, well-rounded musicians they can be. This will be done by playing a wide variety of pieces and by partially concentrating on theory and getting your music knowledge to a good standard. I will also train your ear. This means you will be able to open and music book and understand and play what is written and you will also be able to listen to your favourite songs and work them out solely by using your listening skills and without the assistance of music notation.

I am happy to teach lessons on a number of digital platforms as well as travelling to a location suited to you. I also have premises within Liverpool and in the Huyton/Knowsley region that I teach from.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

  • GCSE Music A*
  • Level 3 Diploma in Music A*A*A
  • BaHons in Music 2:1
  • Grade 5 Music Theory
  • Grade 5 Piano
  • Grade 5 Keyboard
  • Grade 8 Popular Vocals
  • Over 5+ years of teaching experience


Instrument(s) Taught

Keyboard, Piano, Singing


Keyboard, Piano, Singing

Lesson Type

In-Person, In-Person

Lesson Prices

60 mins


45 mins


30 mins




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