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Hi there to all, my name is Jay and I’ve been teaching on and off for 5 years, in between my day job which is writing treatments for TV commercials. So I teach basic vocal training for beginners with a view to helping improve your gig smartness to get you to gig ready for playing with bands or playing solo, or to get you started to play at an open mic night if that’s your desire.

I also teach basic guitar studies and songwriting, once again, with a view to getting you ready to find other musicians, get connected to help you along your musical journey as I can, if that’s your wish, i.e. accompany you at an open mic night gig etc. So please get in touch and let’s start your search to find your true voice.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

Started gigging 1990, fronting my first band, toured the whole of England and Scotland and played every place in London we could possibly play for 3 years. I also recorded an album for E.M.

I then sung live backing vocals for various artists in London between 1993 till 1996 whilst promoting my open mic nights of which I would accompany artists instrumentally with the cajon, guitar (acoustic and electric ), bass congas, harmonica and backing vocals. Joined a band playing bass for 2 years recorded a studio album, gigged extensively once more.

Then joined my last band in 98 and released an album on Boy George’s label a year later, promoting the album at Leeds, reading new band stage ,which lead us to get a better deal with Clive Davis and J Records. Then I moved to L.A to complete the second album, and even though the band does not exist I still write with the singer of that said band to this day, who I work with on commercials i.e. treatments and composing music for TV commercials.

In terms of musical qualifications, I’m self-taught but have a wealth of experience that I have acquired through my travels and have worked with artists from many different genres from folk, pop, rock, soul-funk, reggae jazz, punk and metal with whatever was asked of me at the time which I think gives me a unique insight in how to approach these styles from professional and informal situations. All in all my musical journey has really enriched my skill set and my life.


Thorncliffe Rd, Nottingham NG3 5BQ, UK



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Guitar, Singing

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Guitar, Singing

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