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I like to teach in a way that will enrich strong points any student reveals I want to focus on vision the of a student…what would their goal entail? The understanding of the range of the instrument is important …the quailty of notes from high to low.

For lessons I like to make sure some improvisation is introduced in the genre of your choice , to quicken learning and motivate those practice sessions and get solid improvement. I would encourage all woodwind players to at one point to learn a chordal instrument. Understanding basic chord structure enhances the versatility of your sound and the effectiveness of what you will express thru your horn. This will also help in playing or composing music compositions.

First lessons are mostly fundamentals such as breathing, embrochure, hand position, tone quality and presence. These are building blocks for lesson planning formatter any level player.

Main instrument …baritone/tenor/soprano/ saxophone EWI 4000 is an electronic woodwind instrument. One year at Carroll College in Wisconsin defaulted to 2 years in Boston with Frank Wilkins/Berklee, Armstead Christian, Delmar Brown and others…. spent time studying jazz composition, sax and piano.

JD also studied art at the University of Wisconsin/Milw.(B.A. Graphic Design) with Scott Zukowski and Sylvester Sims. Visuals seemed an early vehicle of expression taught early by elder family members.

MUSIC………” I grew up on the power drive tenors, Stanley T., King Curtis, Jr.Walker and others.”

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

I am a Milwaukee-based composer/artist, saxophonist and writer /performer/ …sax instructor, creates visual/images for web application, video installation, cd recordings . …. work musically combines elements of jazz ,Funk, and Latin.

Instruments: Baritone, Tenor & Soprano sax…Flute /Bass Clarinet…EWI(Akai) Keyboards . ASCAP member since 1983 compositions used by National Geographic of Spain. Instructor/saxophonist Joseph Aaron, Composer/Instructor Clifford Gribble (jazz study), Berklee School of Music (Frank Wilkins), http://www.jamesdallas.net


Milwaukee, WI 53224, USA



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