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Hi, I’m Francesca! I am an energetic teacher, full of life, and I am very passionate about making music. I believe that music should be produced with the intention to touch each person who hears it. Music has been a healing tool in my life and I have loved the exchange between me and the audience when they receive my gift as a performer. I’m fortunate that I also love to teach and I can confidently say that I’m a very fine teacher; I am extremely detailed and want to make sure that all of my students are well rounded musicians.

I started playing piano at the very young age of 3 and then shortly after that I started taking violin lessons; I continued with both instruments through High school. Around that time I decided I wanted to pursue singing and postpone violin lessons. I grew up singing in choirs and throughout school, and was totally inspired when going to see the musical, South Pacific at Gammage in Tempe AZ; That night I knew I wanted to be a singer! I got serious in HS developing my technique, went to regional choir and State my freshman year, and placed 1st in STATE as a junior for voice. I pursued piano first for my Bachelors degree in college all the while singing in all the choirs at ASU and taking voice lessons on the side. A year and a half after graduating from my piano degree, (during that time I built a house and built a music studio) I went back to ASU to pursue a Masters of Arts in Musical Theater/Opera Performance.

I have taught piano since 6th grade and was mentored by great teachers along the way and I practiced this art of teaching and perfected it! I started teaching voice shortly after finishing my Masters degree in 2008 and continue to teach both and music theory.

I very much love to perform, but even more I love to teach! Share the knowledge that was so lovingly given to me over the years and make sure that this legacy continues.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

I am a concert pianist & vocalist and a master teacher of both arts. I holds a Master of Music Degree in MUSICAL THEATER/OPERA PERFORMANCE , from Arizona State University, and a Bachelors degree in PIANO PERFORMANCE from ASU as well.

My PIANO teachers include the brilliant Robert Hamilton, a pupil of Horowitz, Dr. Irene Perry-Fox, Dr. Caio Pagano, Manuela Pagano, Dr. Andrew Campbell, and Dr. Hamilton Tesscarolo.

I am a brilliant SINGER. My vocal teachers include one of Broadway’s finest and current artists, Tregony Shephard, Judy May, Darlene Kliewer-Britton, and Jaime Jordan.

I do studio work for FILMS, done collaborations for the LINCOLN CENTER in NYC, STAGE work with ORCHESTRAS, as well as my own recordings.

I have participated in MUSICAL THEATER shows such as West Side Story, Carousel, Sound of Music, THe Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof, Joseph and the Technicolor Dream-coat, Godspell, The Christmas Schooner, & others.

I am a skilled ACCOMPANIST/COLLABORATIVE ARTIST, PIANIST and SANG for the movie soundtrack Compulsive Gambling, a documentary by Rick Rabe. I was awarded the Katherine Herberger Scholarship for piano performance at ASU. I acted as an honors judge and the graduating senior’s advisor for Arizona Study Program, an honors and scholarship program sponsored by the Music Teachers National Association. I am a member of MTNA.

Francesca has served as the MUSIC DIRECTOR for her community church. Her service included being the CONDUCTING CHORALS, ACCOMPANYING for soloists, playing the ORGAN, and planning the music for each weekly service.


Pasadena, CA 91107, USA



Instrument(s) Taught

Music Theory, Piano, Singing

Where do lessons take place?

Teacher's Location, Online


Music Theory, Piano, Singing

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In-Person, Online

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60 mins


45 mins


30 mins


Other Lesson Prices

1/2 hour consultation: $40.00

1/2 hour

  • $70.00 – 1 lesson
  • $130.00 – 2 lessons
  • $240.00 – 4 lessons
  • $440.00 – 8 lessons
  • $600.00 – 12 lessons
  • $1080.00 – 24 lessons
  • $1920.00 – 48 lessons

3/4 hour consultation: $70.00

  • 3/4 hour
    $100.00 – 1 lesson
  • $190.00 – 2 lessons
  • $360.00 – 4 lessons
  • $680.00 – 8 lessons
  • $960.00 – 12 lessons
  • $1800.00 – 24 lessons
  • $3360.00 – 48 lessons

1 hour consultation: $80.00

1 hour

  • $125.00 – 1 lesson
  • $440.00 – 4 lessons
  • $800.00 – 8 lessons
  • $1080.00 – 12 lessons
  • $2040.00 – 24 lessons
  • $3840.00 – 48 lessons

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Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2022

Francesca is the real deal! Her voice is impeccable and full of beauty and emotion. Francesca not only is an amazing musician but an amazing person. I would be honored to have her teach my kids and refer her to my friends. She is truly an amazing artist/performer/musician who I am lucky to know. You won’t be disappointed putting your children’s musical aspirations in her hands! Give her a call!

Christiane Swenson La Crescenta
Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2022

I have seen Francesca work with all ages- from four years old to teenager to older students. I know that she is very skilled and comfortable with any age student. I can highly recommend Francesca as a great piano teacher. I will miss having the opportunity to study with her and wish her all the best.”

Linda Anderson
Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2022

What a voice and talent! Francesca has had wonderful training in both performance and teaching, and due to her talent and hard work she has taken full advantage. She would be a huge asset to anyone who was lucky enough to have her as a teacher.

Jan Irvine Chandler
Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2022

“Francesca is a fantastic piano teacher who helped me progress in so many different aspects of music. One of my favorite qualities of hers is the ability to teach the beauties of artistry as well as the importance of technique. She encourages her students to be creative and express themselves as they play music. She also teaches valuable playing techniques in creative ways and motivates students to practice them.. As a teacher, Francesca has the amazing ability to influence her students’ love of music. It is so wonderful to watch as students of hers begin to love music more and more as they progress. In order to ensure that her students really understand concepts, she will make different approaches that are personal and that really make sense to the individual. Having worked hard and put forth tremendous amounts of effort, Francesca has earned professional music degrees which have given her excellent teaching skills. Her own learning experiences provide her with invaluable teaching skills. Above all, Francesca has a deep, genuine love for the students that she teaches. She has a strong desire to see them progress as musicians and is willing to help them in any way. Her deep love for music encourages her students and influences their education. Taking piano lessons from her has blessed my journey as a musician in countless ways..”

Jessica Willis
Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2022

I’ve worked with several teachers throughout my life–including Josh Groban’s teacher the late David Romano–and Francesca is the best by far. Her technique is just stellar. She has helped ground my voice from top to bottom. Now I have 4 octaves, my voice never tires as it used to, and I can truly express myself as an artist. But even more extraordinary is her ability to inspire. She truly believes in each and every one of her students and I can’t express how important that quality is in a teacher. Whether your goal is to sing professionally or just for personal fulfillment–classical or pop–she’s your man. Lol… If you can get a spot in her schedule you’ll never want to give it up. Francesca is also a concert pianist which comes in super handy during lessons or recording tracks to practice with. Oh and she’s the only person I know who can sing a pianissimo high C. Hehe… Thank you Francesca! Your dedication and expertise have helped me become the artist I’ve always wanted to be.

Lance Callahan

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