Singing Lessons Melbourne

Singing Lessons Melbourne

This week I was lucky enough to have a great Skype catch up with Kat Hunter, a singing teacher that I had the good fortune of working with in Leeds during 2014 – 2015, to hear about all her exciting projects.

An Australian national Kat relocated back to Melbourne in 2015, launching Kat Hunter Vocal Studio to provide professional singing tuition to students in Prahran, as well as throughout Melbourne. Knowing Kat as I do she provides extremely high quality music tuition to students of all ages, helping them to develop their vocal ability, as well as confidence in their singing.

It was fantastic to hear about the progress and development of her vocal studio, as well as her students. On a personal note I think it super awesome to have worked alongside teachers like Kat who are now based around the world providing music tuition.

Kat also runs two other really interesting projects – firstly the fantastically named Fecking Bahamas alongside her husband Nikk. Fecking Bahamas is an online math rock magazine that seeks to build an online community around and promoting the global math rock scene. It is beautifully crafted website both visually and in terms of the content provided – content that is incredibly user focused, providing encyclopaedic-style information on bands and in-depth analytical reviews & histories. Secondly, Kat has also been active in promoting local female vocalists in Melbourne, gaining them opportunities to perform and hone their skills as musicians on the stage – you can read more about it on Kat’s Website.

Like many of the teachers that I have worked with across the UK I am pleased to say that, despite relocating to Australia, Kat is still deeply involved with MGR Music Tuition and has been a huge part of helping me to develop our online community of teachers by providing her support and knowledge. I am excited to continue to see her grow her own student base in Prahran and branch out into other fantastic projects over the next few years! As ever I will keep you updated 🙂

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