Teacher and performer with more than 12 years of experience. Spanish native speaker. (English C1) (Italian C1). I am attentive to detail precise with deadlines, self-oriented, and meticulous. I am a speedy and good learner. Working as a performer and having the chance to work in different countries has given me skills in languages, such as English and Italian, and the possibility of listening to high-profile musicians, sharing the stage with them, and learning from them. Being a teacher makes me patient and methodical, and always be attentive and updated with my own technique to teach in the best way possible. I use successful communication strategies and have experience with students of diverse backgrounds and ages. I had the opportunity to live in Miami, Washington D.C., and now Italy, so I am used to the differences between cultures, languages, and challenges that only an international environment can bring.

I have been a musician since I was 14 years old. I believe in the power of music beyond of if you are or not a professional in this area. Music teaches perseverance, discipline, and empathy, and shows you that all of us are connected. I’m always going to be in the service of keeping music strong, improving, and alive. I break down complex concepts understandably and methodically, being conscious of the student from a technical and personal point of view. My experience working with groups of children between 2 and 12 years old, adolescents, and adults has led me to develop skills such as the organization of group and individual lessons with successful communication strategies. I motivate students to approach mistakes as an opportunity to improve, not as an obstacle. Analyzing the nature of those “ problems ” to understand their origin of them and finding solutions through the skills-learning process has led to them. I urge my students to experiment with the concepts seen, beyond what the result will be. Through solidified learning, knowledge starts to be ours and not only the property and responsibility of the teacher.

As a singer, I am committed to the character. I bring on stage my experience, my passion, and skills as an interpreter through a deep and rigorous knowledge of the music and history behind the role or the piece of music I am singing. Always attentive to criticism and suggestions about my work. I enjoy teamwork and I believe in the construction and improvement of performances based on my ideas and those of others while maintaining a professional and open spirit.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:


  • Universidad Central de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia: Bachelor of Music, classical voice performance, 2003-2008
  • Escuela Nacional de Artes de Cuba, La Habana, Cuba: studies in classical guitar, 2001


  • First prize, Opera/Zarzuela in the Parks Festival Competition, Bogotá, 2007


  • Violetta Traviata Musica a Palazzo, Venice, Italy, 2017-2020-2021-2022
  • Berta Barbieri di Siviglia Teatro Magnani Fidenza, Italy, 2017
  • Tebaldo Don Carlo Opera of Colombia, Bogotá, 2011
  • Violetta La Traviata Philharmonic Orchestra, Bogotá, 2010
  • Flora La Traviata Opera of Colombia, Bogotá, 2010
  • Stephano Roméo et Juliette Opera of Colombia, Bogotá, 2009
  • Condesa Le Nozze di Figaro National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, 2009
  • Fiammetta The Gondoliers Vermont Mozart Festival, Vermont, 2007
  • Marcellina Le Nozze di Figaro Vermont Mozart Festival, Vermont, 2007
  • Opera Gala various Philharmonic Orchestra, Bogotá 2007


  • Gilda Rigoletto Opera Washington Society, Washington D.C, 2016
  • Magda La Rondine Universidad Central Opera, Bogotá, 2008
  • Fiordiligi Così fan tutte Universidad Central Opera, Bogotá, 2008
  • Mimi La Bohème Universidad Central Opera, Bogotá, 2007


  • Messiah, selections Handel Toscanini Youth Orchestra, Washington D.C, 2013
  • Requiem Carlos Ramirez National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, Bogotá, 2010
  • Coronation Mass Mozart Universidad Central, Bogotá, 2007


  • Recital Opera Teatro Don Bosco, Padova 2022
  • Recital Opera Corte Benedettina, Legnaro 2021
  • Recital Opera Cortile Palazzo Jappelli, Piove di Sacco 2021
  • Recital Opera and Broadway Corte Benedettina, Correzzola, 2021
  • Recital Opera Piano in the Sky con Renata Benvegnù, Piove di Sacco, 2020
  • Recital Opera Circolo della Lirica di Bologna, Bologna 2018
  • Recital Opera Richmond Library, Richmond, Vermont, 2017
  • Recital Opera Community on the Hill Church, Washington DC, 2016
  • Recital Opera First Night Burlington, Burlington, Vermont, 2015
  • Recital Art Songs Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, 2015
  • Recital Opera Stowe Performing Arts, Stowe, Vermont, 2015
  • Recital Opera, Art Songs Congregational United Church, Washington, DC, 2015
  • Recital Opera, Art Song Colombian Ambassador Residence, Washington, DC, 2014
  • Recital Bel Canto Arias Manny Studio, Miami, 2013
  • Recital Opera Arias Manny Studio, Miami, 2012
  • Love Song John Thrower Festival de Música Religiosa, Popayán, Colombia, 2010
  • Love Songs John Thrower Teatro Cadiz, Bosa Duo, Bogotá, 2010

35028 Piove di Sacco, Province of Padua, Italy



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