Flo is a professional musician and educator. She is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and has performed at many prestigious venues, such as the Royal Albert Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Barbican and the North Sea Jazz Festival.

She has performed with some of the top musicians from the UK, including Jason Rebello (Sting) and John Dankworth, and has worked with Jason Miles (Miles Davis, Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross) on two albums. She has also led and composed for her own band, and played in various projects spanning the genres of jazz, rock and pop.

Flo is a bass tutor on Loire Music Ltd residential courses and has eight years’ experience of private tuition. She was previously a faculty member on the Global Music Foundation residential courses. She has co-led masterclasses at Leeds College of Music and Salford University, as well as a workshop for children at the National Concert Hall in Dublin as part of the Jason Rebello Jazz Rainbow Trio.

Flo is a dedicated and motivated teacher and passionate about passing on the skills she acquired at the Royal Academy. She can teach electric and acoustic guitar, electric and double bass and ukulele to Grade 8 standard in pop, rock and jazz styles, and is happy to teach all ages and abilities.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

  • 1st class honours degree in Jazz Bass studies from the Royal Academy of Music
  • Awarded a Regency Award by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London for industry and achievement consistently of the highest calibre during her time at the Royal Academy of Music


Instrument(s) Taught

Bass, Double Bass, Guitar, Ukulele


30 minutes


60 minutes


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Level(s) Taught

Beginner (up to Grade 5)

Youngest Age Taught


Class Sizes

One-to-One (Individual)



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