Elocution Lessons

Elocution Lessons

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Improve your public speaking, enabling you to present with confidence.

All Speech Types Covered

Our expert teachers can offer different Elocution lessons based upon physical speaking techniques alongside building confidence across the four different areas of public speaking – Manuscript, Memorized, Extemporaneous and Impromptu.

You can look through our teacher profiles to find the types of Elocution each teacher teaches or get in touch with them directly to find out any more information. Our teachers like to offer a student focussed approach, meaning we tailor our lesson programmes to your personal goals as a student and help you achieve them as efficiently as possible.

Developing Confident Speakers

Confident speech can be an incredible asset to anyone within their working or personal life, being able to articulate yourself efficiently builds confidence, self-esteem and is advantageous to solving problems, avoiding conflict and establishing better relationships.

The Elocution teachers we work with are often highly skilled and experienced teachers and speakers in their own right, having developed their craft over many years of intense practice and studying.

This gives them a deeper knowledge of speech and the best ways to teach and communicate these ideas to their students in a friendly, calm and centered manner. Our teachers focus on your progress by giving knowledge from their own real experiences aswell as theory and techniques to ensure rapid progress towards your speaking goals in a short period of time.

We are able to help students further their abilities in tone of voice, inflection, pronunciation, confidence in delivery and being precise within their speech, we aid students of all ages and abilities form students with speaking difficulties to established public speakers, looking to further their abilities by use of gestures, body language and the fine nuances of speaking.

Composing our thoughts quickly and transforming them to improvised speech in a high pressure environment can be daunting for many people, we can work together to increase your confidence to ‘find the right words’ and deliver them with sincerity and be authentic when it really matters.

Explore how to deliver your speeches with impact, learning how to breath, pause and perform under pressure.
Join our teacher community to offer in-person and online elocution lessons to students who enquire on MusicTeacher.com.

Are you an Elocution Teacher?

We are always looking for new teachers to join the worldwide MusicTeacher.com database. In particular, those teachers who are passionate about a student focussed approach, helping their students to learn by creating a tailored plan of lessons based on their students’ individual learning goals.

Our teaching community is based worldwide, with some operating online via Skype or Zoom alongside teachers who own a teaching space, some of our teachers even offer a mobile tuition service allowing students to get face to face lessons from the comfort of their own homes. To find out more, as well as to apply, simply go to Teacher Application Form.

Are Elocution Lessons Worth It?

Elocution is an antiquated term, according to the Cambridge dictionary, the definition of elocution is “the art of careful public speaking, using clear pronunciation and good breathing to control the voice”

Modern Elocution is very different to days of old. When we talk about elocution, we mean so much more than a speaker’s accent. It is possible to have good elocution and a regional accent, and equally possible to have bad elocution and a neutral or posh accent too!

We see elocution as being linked to great communication. Some speakers may want to speak with a neutral accent or they may feel their native accent is getting in the way of them communicating clearly, One of the main reasons a person may decide to develop their elocution is they might experience a difficulty with their speech, blocking them from a promotion, or the influence and confidence which they see their neutral speaking colleagues have at their disposal, and they could be right. But in general, this is only half of the story.

It is rarely ever all to do with an accent. When people can command attention, or respect with their voice, when they can achieve goals and convey ideas through communication, it is never going to be just about their accent. So many other important factors make up the way in which you speak. Such as the length or intensity in which the speaker pauses, how you intonate or ‘pitch’ your voice alongside the emphasis and expression on certain words. Good speakers can make their listeners work with them or even for them, do they plant a seed inside the listeners mind and make them think? There are a huge number of factors that can dictate if someone is a good speaker and a pleasure to listen to. These are the elements of good Elocution.

Bad elocution on the other hand, again has nothing to do with a speakers accent, it can mean someone is mumbling when they talk, they could speak too fast for their listeners to understand, or speak with their mouth closed or too quietly, some speakers can frequently change their train of thought or even give up on an idea when they are half way through speaking it. Somebody can have all of these bad habits and they may speak in the ‘poshest’ accent you can imagine. Without attention to these bad habits, they will never be a good communicator if they are not letting their words reach their audience effectively.

So, when we think of your elocution, we aim to be great communicators by listening out for clarity with phrasing words, good length of pauses, emphasis on certain words, emotive expression and most importantly, listen to your own engagement as a listener of others! If you would like to improve, or develop upon your Elocution and become a better communicator, get in touch with our teachers and get started on your journey! Good communication with others is the basis for all of human civilisation. Often the most successful people in leadership, business, the arts and many other walks of life all share one thing in common, they are great at communicating meaning to others. Get in touch to start your journey today.

Elocution Classes

As well as searching through the teacher database you can also find one of our regional music hubs, where you will be able to find information about a professional elocution teacher in your area.

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Sarah Tattersall is a professional elocution teacher offering tuition to students of all learning abilities. To find out more visit the Elocution Lessons London page.