Best Music Courses UK

Best Music Courses UK

The UK has some of the best courses in the world when it comes to courses for musicians of all styles and backgrounds. Here are a few of the courses for musicians looking into furthering their education or understanding of music and the music industry from an academic point of view. 

ICMP London

ICMP in London is well known all over the UK and has been helping musicians and guitar players from all over the world achieve their dreams for over 30 years. They provide amazing one to one support, personalised courses, small class sizes and world-class lecturers as well as plenty of guest lectures.

For those interested in music and further education, they have three-year degrees in both Popular Music Performance and Creative musicianship. They also offer a wide range of one-year options as well as a masters course for those who want to take their education that one step further. Many students have gone on great things because ICMP boasts having great connections with publishers, booking agents, managers and AandR scouts. 

Music fan's room


BIMM is one of the most known institutions in the UK among musicians of all genres. I think the main reason for this is that they have educated a wide range of well know artists like James Bay, Cameron Cooper, Isabel Torres and Dua Lipa to name but a few. They understand that a guitarist needs to have a wide understanding of music and everything surrounding it as well as a great understanding of all styles and genres. Their courses help you better the skills that you already have as well as learning new ones. The facilities on offer are some of the best in the world for musicians and you’ll get the opportunity to play festivals as well. They have had masterclasses from the likes of Brian May and Guthrie Govan in the past. As a guitarist, they offer some of the best degree courses available. 

Leeds College of Music 

Leeds College of Music, now known as Leeds Conservatoire, is an amazing music course catering to musicians of all musical backgrounds and ambitions. They really like to push practice and collaborations with other musicians and this will help you build on your playing skills and writing skills. You will also learn a lot about music as a business which will open up many opportunities depending on which path you end up on. They currently offer a degree in popular musical performance which is a great step up for students of all backgrounds wanting to make it in the music industry. 

ACM Guildford

ACM Guildford offer amazing opportunities for guitarists who want to take their understanding to the next level. Whatever styles you play. You’re bound to find plenty of like minded students on the various courses they offer. The course they offer is in Music Industry Practice and during this course you’ll be able to work with other musicians to build on your writing and performing skills as well as learning to widen your knowledge of music as a whole. It’s a fantastic course for all guitarists to further everything they know and understand about music.

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