5 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs

5 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs

1. Ultimate Guitar

This was the one online tool I used right from the very beginning and still do use to this day. Whether you want to learn a song or brush up on your scales this website always has you covered. The website recently underwent a bit of a revamp and looks a lot better now in my opinion and is one of the most user-friendly websites out there for all you guitarists!

2. An Online Metronome

I would hope this one is an obvious choice for most guitarists, but if you are like me and chose to learn guitar via exercises or you are even learning a tricky part of a solo, you should always be playing along with a metronome. This will help you keep your accuracy and speed in check as well as providing an easy way to speed up your playing. All you need to do is type online metronome on google search and anything on the first page of Google is generally a good choice, with our favourite being metronomeonline.com.  Make sure to start at a low speed (around 100bpm) and work your way up from there.

3. YouTube:

You would all assume I add YouTube because of the online lesson content, however, I actually believe YouTube is a great tool because of the hundreds of readymade, free backing tracks available to the user. All you need to do is search a style and key and I guarantee there will be a backing track for you to jam along with, even if your tastes stretch to Acid Jazz….

One of the most useful videos you will keep going back to as a guitarist though is the plan simple standard tuning video!

4. Online Lessons

This is also something I think is very important going forward and in the next 10 years or so will take over the tuition market. There are many different ways you can take online lessons, this could be watching a video on YouTube or signing up for the hundreds of different lesson sites there are out there offering lessons from beginner to advanced. Recently taking lessons via Skype or FaceTime have also really been on the rise so this is also something to think about.

5. Access to some form of app store:

Essentially everything I previously mentioned can all be found on an app store as well as lots of other useful tools like tuners or backing tracks. Have a search and see what you can find! You will be surprised thenumbert of options there are for free!


Overall as a guitarist, I feel these days there isn’t anything you can’t find to aid your playing!

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