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I believe in taking an active approach to music lessons. This means the tutee is very much an active participant. The tutee will not only learn in a traditional manner by sitting-down reading notation from a score in a teacher-led activity but will be encouraged to move, play visual and sound games, compose, and explore the sound-world of the instrument in an attempt for the tutee to construct interest and passion for music as well as in their instrument of choice. I want to help develop creative musicians with strong musicianship and encourage individualism in addition to fostering effective communication and cooperation in pupils. The study of music develops many skills, transferable to many walks of life, and it is my role as a tutor to try and create a safe learning environment where these skills can germinate and grow.

Having a pupil play as soon as possible is always the best approach to music tuition. Teaching through an exploration of different styles and music, through individual practice, playing directly with me or learning through demonstration will promote greater confidence.

Rhythm is the root of a lot of music and, although learning notes and theory are addressed from the very first lesson, a focus on musicality promotes individualism and self-confidence faster than being over-loaded with information too quickly. Once confidence and enthusiasm are gained through rhythms and intonation it is important to come-by pupil-focused (and achievable) goals. These might include direction through examinations or the desire to learn particular styles of music. Learning is progressive and based on individual needs.

​Instruction may not always be on the instrument or might involve playing the instrument in a different way. There are various exercises I have my students complete (for enjoyment, variation and to improve technique) that are separate from playing on the instrument, such as mouth-, breathing- and tonguing- exercises. The student may play only on the mouthpiece or with certain parts of the instrument removed. Additionally, the student may be set listening, composition, or improvisation tasks. These are not idle exercises and are based in brass and woodwind pedagogy, helping to develop a well-rounded musician.

Self Employed Peripatetic Teacher (Sept, 2014 on-going): I teach individual, group and whole class music lessons for children of primary and secondary school age. Content caters for beginner to advanced levels. I teach most woodwind and brass instruments and beginner guitar, piano and drums. I have experience as a music co-ordinator within one primary school where I directed all music activities for one day a week, every week. Within this school, I taught Early Years Foundation Stage music and delivered Key Stage 1 and 2 materials. I also teach adults. I am currently embarking on a PGCEi in Group Tuition to further my qualifications and education in music education.

From Sept, 2019 until July, 2021, I was the Director at Hot House Music Ltd, Swansea, where I ran lessons and ensembles in the local area for adults and children. As well as running music lessons for the social-enterprise, I directed various ensembles for adults and children and organise concerts and tours for pupils.

Brass Ensemble Tutor – Cheltenham (Oct, 2015 – Dec, 2019): I ran a secondary school brass ensemble and taught regular brass lessons for students.

County Music Group Tutor (with brass specialism) and Whole Class Ensemble Teacher (WCET) on brass – Gloucestershire (Sept, 2014 – Dec, 2019): As a staff member of Gloucestershire Music, I was involved in a range of music activities. As part of a music centre, I delivered the Gifted and Talented (formerly First Access) scheme for beginners of brass instruments, ran senior theory classes and the brass band. I also conducted a beginner adult wind band whose members – before joining the group – had never previously played wind instruments.

As a Whole Class Ensemble Tutor (WCET), I teach music and brass playing in a whole-class setting. I take up to 34 trumpets into a classroom and deliver a 10 – to 30-week unique scheme of work to children. The role requires strong organisation skills, appropriate classroom management, and the ability to differentiate material effectively.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

  • Regular performer with the Soul Skunks band
  • Master’s Level (MA) in Musicology from Cardiff University
  • BMus in Music from Cardiff University

Skewen, Neath SA10 6FY, UK



Instrument(s) Taught

Clarinet, Cornet, Flute, French Horn, Saxophone, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

Where do lessons take place?

Teacher's Location, Student's House, Online


Clarinet, Cornet, Flute, French Horn, Saxophone, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

Lesson Type

In-Person, In-Person, Online

Lesson Prices

30 mins


Other Lesson Prices

Subscription costs are less than the figure charged for individual lessons.  Please enquire.

Payment Plans

Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly

Payment Options

Cash, Online Bank Transfer, PayPal

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June 7, 2021

Neil is an excellent teacher with a great sense of humour. He makes learning music lots of fun. I can really hear the imporvement in my son’s technical skills since he began lessons and he is always motivated to practise the pieces that Neil has set. He looks forward to his lessons. Neil sets very clear targets so my son always knows what to do to progress.

Susan H
June 7, 2021

Great lesson again

Sarah S
June 7, 2021

My daughter has been having lessons with Neil for a couple of months now and is really enjoying them. She does cornet and trombone with Neil which works well and he is flexible about how the lessons are structured so sometimes they work on both instruments and sometimes they focus on just one, depending on what my daughter has been working on or wants to do that day. Trombone was a completely new instrument for her and she seems to be picking it up really well. She always comes away from the lesson enthusiastic and wanting to practice ready for the next week.

Tracey M
June 7, 2021

Neil is an incredible teacher and has hugely improved my playing, both from warming up to more effective ways of playing; there really is all you could want. His teaching is fun, too

June 7, 2021

Just the sort of tutor I like! Neil is flexible, takes account of what I want to be able to play, and is very amusing.


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