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Highly energetic and creative teacher. Utilising technology to deliver a truly unique and personal musical education. With grade 8 on every brass instrument, as well as a Diploma on the Trumpet and Piano, Hugh is undeniably experienced on every instrument he teaches.. Hugh is also the inventor of the world’s best selling trombone – the pBone. It is fair to say he has a huge understanding of how Brass instruments work, and what it takes to play them.Hugh has worked as a, professional muscian, musical director and educator for many years, and is passionate about all aspects of music. He is a super nerd revelling in music theory and technique, as well as being a creative who can become emotional over a beautiful melody or chord progression! In a lesson with Hugh, he will quickly assess where you are at and use his vast experience and knowledge to create lessons and practice plans that will help you progress quickly and efficiently whilst also retaining a huge level of enjoyment.Hugh teaches exclusively online, utilising a super fast Starlink internet connection, that combined with leading music software enables him to deliver very effective music lessons. “In lockdown I was forced to move my teaching online, I quickly found much to my surprise that with the ready access to modern technology, that my students progress did not suffer. In fact in many cases I found the opposite, and that I was able to introduce concepts and techniques more easily, along with being able to monitor, asses my students effectively and therefore generate personal lesson plans that resulted in fast progress. With the help of some fantastic specialist music software I can deliver fun, engaging and productive music lessons.”Please get in touch for a free first lesson, where we can meet each other and get a feel for what lessons together might be like.


Warwick CV34, UK



Instrument(s) Taught

Composition, Euphonium, Flugel Horn, French Horn, GarageBand, Keyboard, Logic Pro X, Music Production, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting, Sound Engineering, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

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Composition, Euphonium, Flugel Horn, French Horn, GarageBand, Keyboard, Logic Pro X, Music Production, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting, Sound Engineering, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

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60 mins


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30 min.   £21 (20 block),  £22.31 (10),  £23.63 (5),  £26.25 (Single)

40 min.  £28 (20 block),  £29.75 (10),  £31.50 (5),  £35 (single)

60 min.  £40 (20 block),  £42.50 (10),  £45 (5),  £50 (single)

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Online Bank Transfer, PayPal

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Common Sense applies.  If you cancel within a reasonable time frame, (24 hours) and are happy to re-arrange, then there will be no charge.

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Beginner (up to Grade 5), Intermediate (Grades 5-8), Advanced (Grade 8 and above), Professional Musicians/Teachers

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October 14, 2023

I started lessons with Hugh after I had taken grade 8, and quickly realised how much there was still to learn! He is very knowledgeable and , he passion for music always shines through. Great Teacher

Bethan B
October 14, 2023

Hugh is a great teacher, he taught me all the way from beginner to Grade 8 on Tenor Horn whilst I was growing up. He has loads of energy, and lessons were always fun and engaging. Highly Recommended!

Jonny K
October 14, 2023

Hugh is a great teacher. His breath of musical knowledge and experience is extensive. He is super passionate and finds great ways of explaining complex topics in a way that’s easily understood. He’s a really nice guy and the lessons have been both engaging and enjoyable!

October 14, 2023

Hugh has been working with my daughter (10 years old) to pass her grade one for trombone. So far I have noticed she plays more fluently and practices a lot more than she used to. Hugh is very organised and punctual. He logs all of the weekly homework on a spreadsheet and also records music pieces so she can use the recordings to practice, in which she uses often. Most of all Hugh is fun and very passionate about music and that really comes across when he is teaching. My daughter really likes his way of explaining.

October 14, 2023

Hugh has taught music to my children and to me, from absolute beginners all the way through to Grade 8. He’s an excellent teacher both in terms of technical instruction, and also in motivating, and finding ways to make practise and performance enjoyable.

Chris M
October 14, 2023

Hugh has been teaching me the trumpet for the last 2 years and I have made much faster progress than I ever expected. Hugh has been a motivating and inspirational teacher while keeping things fun and letting me work at a pace I’m happy with. I very much feel that he tailors his approach to each individual student and I would highly recommend him as a teacher.

Jen T

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