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Hello, my name is Bella. I started learning the violin at the age of five and studied for seven years with an associate professor at the Conservatory of Music.

I am a violin teacher from China and I love teaching any age of the group. I am a graduate of XingHai Conservatory of Music (BA) which is the Top Music Conservatory in South China. And I am now doing my master’s degree at the university of york (music education).

By studying in a different country and learning about teaching styles in different cultures, you can teach students with different cultural backgrounds better. I have been teaching music for 4 years and I really enjoy sharing and discussing with my students their understanding and views on music and how it affects them. If you are interested in starting lessons with me, I look forward to meeting you and starting our musical journey together!

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

Outside of teaching, I am a violinist in symphony and baroque orchestras and perform regularly at York University.

I have participated in numerous commercial performances, performing as a soloist, piano trio and string quartet.

XingHai Conservatory of Music (BA)(Top Music Conservatory in South China)

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