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I have taught guitar and bass semi-regularly over the last 8 or so years. Mostly friends and family, but through word of mouth, I have taught people from outside of my usual circles and believe I would be very capable of teaching strangers.

I have a very free teaching style; my first session with a student will be getting to grips with what they know already, and if that is nothing then starting from the fundamentals of the instrument (anatomy of the guitar, chords, scales.

I also can go into detail about maintenance, repairs, and general advice about the instrument. Once these are established, I usually will let the student guide their teaching by finding out what they want to be able to do and structuring my next sessions and “homework” assignments to help them achieve those goals.

I know enough theory to give students a head start, but my style is definitely more about learning the physical techniques and important fundamentals, songs that they love and want to impress with, and above all else developing a deep and passionate love for the instrument. If my student loves their work, it isn’t “work”.

Music Qualifications & Achievements:

  • Walsall Academy: Performing Arts BTEC: DDD*
  • Walsall College: Music Performance BTEC: MMD
  • University of Lincoln: Audio/Music Production: Second Year Diploma
  • I have performed on stage in many bands both inside and outside of academic settings, the most recent of which being ParamoreGB, a UK based Paramore tribute band. In this band, I played bass, and we performed at – among several other venues all across the UK – Tribfest, Europe’s largest tribute festival, to glowing reviews.
  • I have several self-written, recorded, produced, and published EPs online. The genre of these uploads fluctuates between 80’s style New Wave and modern EDM, but there are several tracks that feature my bass and guitar work. For reference: On My Own, The Nights are All We Have, Kiss, What’s Up

Warren Cl, Tipton DY4 9PG, UK



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Bass, Guitar

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Teacher's Location, Student's House



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