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    Posted by Matthew Rusk on August 27, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Here I will include some Frequently Asked Questions made by teachers to myself about MGR Music Tuition, should you wish to ask a questions about the business or business model you are welcome to do so by posting it below.

    The first group of questions I will address is around phone numbers:

    1. Why do I use 0845 numbers on the websites?

    In the early stages of the business I wanted a way to collect phone enquiries as I have a firm belief that having a number displayed on the website provides a degree of legitimacy and authenticity to that website and the teacher upon it. In combination this has be done in a way where the process is as smooth for the client as possible – specifically if they are enquiring in a very personalised website for one teacher it would seem strange to then be asked by a receptionist where they are calling from.

    Therefore, in the early stages of the business I bought 25 mobile phones – one for each location I had at that time, all labeled on that back so I could identify where the enquiry was coming from and thus which teacher to send the enquiry onto. However, as you can imagine as the number of teachers grew this became unmanageable so a new solution was sort. The solution was to buy several 0845 numbers, whereby if you call it rings 3 times before going to an answer phone message system. That answer phone message system automatically collects that message, emailing it to me as a MP3 file along with the number who called it. This means that we now have an incredibly effective way of collecting phone enquiries for teachers 24/7 365 days a year.

    2. Why does it need to be a different number to the teacher’s mobile number?

    This is simply to ensure that ever enquiry can be quickly identified as a “referred student”, as opposed to a student that has been generated through a teachers own sources (i.e personal websites, posters etc.) and is therefore classed as a “non-referred” student. It would again be awkward for the teacher to have to ask the student over the phone if they had found out about them on a specific website or via their own personal website, indeed, the student might not even remember – so to take out an complications or confusion with where the enquiry has been generated the numbers on all MGR Music Tuition websites are the 0845 numbers.

    3. How to you know where someone is based when they enquire for lessons?

    The introductory answer phone message prompts clients to leave their location so we can pass it onto the relevant teacher, however, should they not leave there location (or any other way that we can identify their location) we will contact them directly to find out where they are based passing that enquiry onto the teacher.

    4. Why do you/assistances always put “to listen to the answer phone message simply download the attached mp3 file” in the answer phone message emails?

    While for some teachers answer phone message enquiries can be quite often for many teachers they are infrequent, perhaps only a few times a year – therefore to ensure that all teachers know how they can listen to the recorded message this explanation is included in ever answer phone message enquiry sent to teachers.

    5. Who is currently involved with answer phone messages at MGR Music Tuition?

    Myself and Guzel currently facilitate all answer phone messages for teachers.

    If you have another questions about the MGR Music Tuition Phone Numbers let me know and I would be happy to include the answer here. In addition any other questions you have about anything here at MGR Music Tuition just let me know.

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