Forte School of Music

Forte School of Music

We are delighted to feature Forte School of Music as our music school of the day today. The music school, based in Cardiff (CF5 2SF), was opened in 2000, focusing on the development of younger music learners of all ages. Their tremendous work shines through, with parents and students noting “​I can’t recommend Forte enough! My 2 year old son goes and loves it!!!” (Niki Whelan)  and “I feel like you’ve helped nurture me to become the young woman I am today” (Shannon).

At Forte School of Music, their ethos is to nurture a lifelong love of music the children that they teach.

Their courses have been devised and written by experienced, established music educators, and are designed to teach young children using a unique, multi-sensory, fun approach that caters for all styles of learning. Being taught in this way ensures that young children are engaged and remain focused whilst learning a whole host of skills, from improvising to composing, music reading and playing, theory, memorising, playing by ear, concert performance skills and more! More specifically they provide courses for:

Jungle Music – pre school music classes for babies and toddlers aged 6 months to 3½ years

Jungle Music is a fun, interactive way to introduce very young children to the concepts of music in an age-appropriate way.

Using songs, stories, percussion instruments, puppets and other engaging props, children learn about the fundamentals of music and explore different aspects of making music in a progressive curriculum that leads into their other courses to provide a sound musical foundation.

Music is Fun! – Introductory Piano Course for children aged 3½ to 5 years

Join in the fun of Music is Fun, their introductory piano course. There’s a whole host of musical activities designed to be fun and develop your child’s musical skills and senses. Your child will even have a chance to compose their own music!

Like all Forte courses, Music is Fun was developed by a team of early childhood educators, musicians and movement specialists and offers child centred activities that are developmentally appropriate for this age group.

Junior Keys – premier foundation piano course for children aged 5 to 7 years

In Junior Keys, as well as learning how to play the piano, children develop a broad range of important skills. This rich base of sound musical knowledge is a great foundation to move on to any instrument in the future. Lessons are taught in small groups, where children are immersed in a whole range of activities designed to develop a wider variety of musical skills than would otherwise be offered in traditional private lessons. The Junior Keys Course is a great place for your child to learn their first musical instrument!

Come along to see just how much fun your child can have learning music!

For more information you can visit their site directly – Forte School of Music.

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